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We are not just birthing babies we have given birth to a Sisterhood, that's striving to build relationships through Love, Dignity, Unity and Faith...​

About Us

All Chapters of Alpha Gamma Phi Sorority Inc., will host a meeting commonly known as Rush Activity. This is where each interested woman will receive information about the Sorority and how to become a member. Anyone interested in becoming a member of Alpha Gamma Phi Sorority Inc., must attend Rush Activity. If any individual does not attend the Rush Activity you will be ineligible to be considered for membership at that time. 

Compliance with Zero Tolerance Hazing and Bullying Policy​

Alpha Gamma Phi Sorority Inc., does not tolerate hazing or bullying in any form. Each member will be treated with respect. Hazing is strictly prohibited and unauthorized. If you notice hazing of any sort it is imperative that you report it immediately to a Board Member. Bullying is a form of harassment and it won't be tolerate in this Sorority. Any member and or any prospective member that has engaged in or failed to report or has even submitted to hazing activities, will to subject to strict punishment and or removal from the Sorority..

Get Started

If you think that you have what it takes to fly high and soar like a beautiful Butterfly of Alpha Gamma Phi Sorority Inc., click below and submit your name, the best contact number, email, also a beautiful picture of yourself. Then we will give you your next steps on becoming a Beautiful Butterfly of Alpha Gamma Phi Sorority Inc. There is a $100 petition fee should you not be chosen to carry on to the next phase a portion of your money will be refunded back to you. 

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